For Dropshippers, no matter dropshipping on shopify, dropshipping etsy, or dropshippingebay, dropshipping woocommerce, they all understand that, dropshipping shipping times are critical important for dropshipping business. Since short shipping time and correct delivery will make customers happy, and tend to buy again in your dropshipping stores. Which is good for sales volume increasing. While if dropshipping long shipping times, will drive away your clients from buy again, or make them open disputes in paypal, which is bad for your stores reviews.


Right now, many dropshipping shipping methods and shipping ways are avaliable, sometimes make it difficult for dropshippers to choose from. Then how to make a quick decision, and what aspects should be considered in? These questions are quite confusing for many dropshippers, especially new starers. So as an experienced dropshipping agent in China, we flashleopard is happy to make things out for dropshipping issues. Here are some points:


  1. What are the main shipping methods for dropshipping suppliers?
  • ePacket shipping method, eub shipping.

ePacket is a shipping option offered by dropshipping wholesalers in China and Hong Kong. It allows dropshipping suppliers to provide a fast and affordable shipping option for light packages within 2KGS. As one of the most popular shipping methods, ePacket tracking shows that most orders come within 15-25 days. You can check to see your tracking updates on: or

Here are some historical shipping data from dropshipping agent flashleopard:


Untill now, there are a total of 38 countries support using China Post’s ePacket service:











Hong Kong







Kazakhstan (currently in a trial run)






New Zealand





Saudi Arabia








United Kingdom

United States


  • aliexpress standard shipping. For dropshipping vendors who dropship from aliexpress, this shipping method is mostly used. Shipping to Many countries in a certain time of about 2-5 weeks.
  • China Registered Air Mail. One of China EMS shipping line.

This shipping method cost is lower than ePacket, and to a certain countries that ePacket can not reach, only question is that, the shipping time can be as long as 30-55 days.

  • Commercial express shippinglike DHL, TNT, FedEx, ARMEX, UPS, etc.

The shipping time can be as short as 3-7 days, and shipping cost is quite high if using express shipping method.

  • NLPG, TRPG, BEDS, etc. These are special shipping line for some certain products categories.

Shipping time varies, depend on destinations, still can reach customers in 30 days in most occasions..

  1. How to choose from these dropshipping shipping method?
  • Considering the weight and valueof dropshipping products.

For high value dropshipping items, and shipping weight over 2KGS, we suggest using DHL or TNT express shipping method, to realize dropshipping suppliers fast shipping.

For dropshipping parcel weight within 2KGS, and destination countries ePacket can reach, then ePacket shipping is most recommended.

For dropshipping product weight within 2KGS, and destination ePacket can not reach, dropshippers can consider China Register Air Mail shipping method. Since the dropshipping shipping costs are relatively low.

  • Considering thedropshipping items

For some dropshipping niches, since the dropshipping products contain liquid, or powder, or battery inside, these products should be shipped out via special shipping line like NLPG, TRPG,BEDS, etc. To make sure the dropshipping parcels can be delivered properly and safely. Or else, the local custom may kept these parcels and do not allow their transportation for safety issues.

  1. Why is dropshipping free shipping method not recommened?

Sometimes, dropshippers can see that, dropshipping wholesalers offer free shipping method, which will use china post shipping to save shipping cost, however dropshipping china free shipping is quite slow, and no delivery info. So your clients may not receive any parcel even after 2 months. Or some customer will open dispute even if parcel are received, since no delivery info, you will not win back the dispute. That would be double loss for your business.

  1. How to make your service stand out by short dropshipping time?

Besides these regular shipping method. We flashleopard also recommend express line for many targeted individual markets. Like bellowing:

4PX express line to UK/US/DE/SG, etc. So fast that you can not imagine!

dropshipping UK


Dropshipping Singapore


Special line for countries like SA/BR/FR/ES/AU. Quick and steady shipping to choose!




So if you have general stores or niche stores, or both, and have some countries that you want to sell more, you can consider to use special express line for more efficient dropshipping time schedual, and less complain from clients.




Dropshipping field competition is furious, fast shipping, high delivery rate and less dispute, are what dropshippers focus on all the time being. In aspect of dropshipping logistic, flashleopard is quite experienced, and capable of offering muti-choices of shipping methods, to support dropshippers with best shipping solutions. If you want to win the business, you need to be one step faster than others! Steady and fast shipping way, will help you scale up your dropshipping business!