Dropshipping is a very popular online business in recent years! We flashleopard, as an experienced dropshipping china agent, usually meet bellowing 10 frequently asked questions on how to dropship from china, and some questions on dropshipping products.

  1. How fast you can ship out dropshipping orders?

Dropshippers all understand how shipping time effect their business. Fast shipping can meet clients request on efficiency, thus bring higher store reviews, and fewer dispute on shipping issues. Dropshipping partners, no matter aliexpress agents or independent dropshipping fulfillment agents, usually can provide tracking numbers in 1 to 2 days, but you can see sometimes the tracking just shown no update on internet after weeks or even one month, Why this is happening?


Actually, tracking numbers can be offered immediately when orders are placed. Still the processing time and parcel collection time is not known for sure. 48 hours processing time is most acceptable for dropshippers, but, the shipping time would be very long if following occasion happens:

  • Lack of inventory: the goods you ordered do not have stock. Production and domestic shipping may take more than 1 week.
  • Dropshipping fulfillment agents are incapable of packing and sending your parcels out in 1 to 2 days, since lack of human labor, or too many orders to be processed. This may take another 3-5 days to process your orders as packed and ready to ship status.
  • Peak season. In peak season, parcels’ internet updating and transshipment will become slow. This will happen when end of October to November.


So, back to the question, how fast the dropshipping orders can be shipped out? Or how long does aliexpress take to ship? Generally should be in accord with shipping method you choose. Averagely, Epacket (aliexpress standard shipping) takes about 10-15 days; USPS and other express to specific country, takes about 10-12 days. China Register Air Mail about 20-35 days. Free shipping about 35-50 days. But you need to check with your aliexpress supplier and agents, what is their processing time? You need to count this time in, to get the real shipment time period. Flashleopard, as a most supportive droshipping agent, always following the discipline of 100% stock for free, and 48 hours processing time. To make our clients’ business grow bigger and bigger.


  1. What is the most popular niche you are selling?

To get a winning product is what all dropshippers are looking for all the time being. So our clients will sometimes ask us about the trends, like, what are the best dropship niches? Can you recommend best aliexpress products to dropship, or best drop shipping niches 2018?


From our view, best selling dropshipping products are changing per year or per month! Like in year 2018, printing on demand products are becoming hot than previously. Still, some products and niches seems popular all the time being, like china dropship clothing, aliexpress wholesale jewelry

, consumer electric gadgets, and As Seen On TV, TV shopping products. These are always hot selling products. This question is like weather its good to open a general store or a specific niche store? Which one is better, depends on the way you market, and the strategy you are using.


Usually we will recommend clients some popular niche, but not specific product, since the winning product for person A, may not suitable for person B. Still you will need to put Facebook Ads on, to test out the winning product that is suitable for you!



Again, our website will keep updating with the latest best sellers from our factory suppliers, like weekly. You can check to see, or contact us for more details: www.flashleopard.com


  1. What shipping method you are using for drop shipping products?

For ordinary products, Epacket would be the most frequently used shipping method. It can reach 33 countries. For the places eub shipping can not reach, clients will usually choose China Registered Air Mail shipping.


Also fulfillment agent will offer other shipping methods like Bpost, Turkey post, etc. For products contain electric or liquid, battery, etc. And if clients want faster shipping. We will have other choices like USPS and ETK to US; Canada, Australia, Germany, UK express, etc.


  1. Is Epacket reliable, why no update after a long time period?

Epacket is quite reliable, and most steady shipping method fro dropshipping orders. Still in Peak seasons, the shipment time period would be longer than usual. And sometimes, the transshipment information updating would be slow than usual. Still it’s one of a best shipping methods to choose.


  1. What is your procedure of dropshipping orders fulfillment?

Since we are a group of people who provide sourcing, quoting, packing and shipping services, we will process your dropshipping orders offline. Like:

Firstly, you can send us links or pictures of products you want us to source and quote.

Secondly, if you think price is all right, you just need to send us excel file of csv file of your orders need to be processed. The most common and easy-to-access formats include a simple CSV file or excel file or an XML document accessible via an HTTP link. For the more technologically advanced suppliers, you may consider providing the feed through an API or FTP where retailers can connect directly and pull the data.

Thirdly, after your payment, we will buy stock to our dropship warehouse and QC 100% for your ordered products. Then send them out via per shipping method we both agreed with.

Fourthly, we will send back tracking number to you, and do after sales when problem happened.

  1. How do you deal with after sales?

Efficiently handling invoicing, payments and returns of dropship orders is essential to running a successful dropship program. The whole point to make more profit for your company, so this is a very important step.For dropshipping orders, bellowing issue would occur, and here is our solutions:

Overdue shipment time period, like parcel not delivered 30 days or longer.

—–Reship or refund in full amount as our clients request.

Wrong items received by clients.

—-Reship correct item or refund in full amount as customer request.

Defective in product quality.

—-Reship correct item or refund in full amount as customer request.

Did not send out all items out ordered by clients.

—-Reship items that missed to be packed, or refund the amount accordingly.

Parcels lost during shipment.

—- Reship or refund in full amount as our clients request.

Parcels returned.

—–If return caused by unclear address, we can accept reship to correct address clients offered, and only charge the shipping cost, or refund only products cost. If return caused by our shipping forwarder, we can reship or refund in full amount upon customers’ request.


  1. What insist of your price?

Price insist of products cost + shipping cost(calculated by weight) + Mailing cost( calculated by per order). So Flashleopard is processing fee FREE, no monthly fee dropshippers and no commission or additional cost.


  1. How can you help me on customized products and logo?

We provide our dropshipper clients with customized products and private labeling service. Usually this kind of service will need a relatively high order quantity. Like make leaflets or coupons of stores. Or use customized bag and box with clients’ logo on it. But we can always negotiated with packing factory to get a best price with lower Minimum Order Quantity, Since we have built good relationship with many suppliers including packing factory.


  1. How can I become a dropshipper?

It’s not hard to become a dropshipper, only a few steps are needed:

Step 1: Doing product research. And find the suitable dropshipping niche, which is a segment of a market, and a kind of products that you sell mainly.

Step 2: choose your dropshipping supplier, dropshipping fulfillment agent, who can process your orders, and send parcels out for you.

Step 3: Get a sales Tax ID.

Step 4: Focus on selling platform you want to start with. There are a couple of platforms to choose from, like Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, or Magento, WordPress, etc.

Step 5: Creating and implementing a customer acquisition strategy. Like put Facebook ads on, start campaign in Instagram, etc.



  1. How can I track my parcel?

There are several channel you can track your parcels. Mostly used are bellowing two websites:



P.S.: you can put 40 tracks the maximum to check per time.